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Miranda & Apollo looking ahead together.

Photo courtesy of Paula Kelman

A Journey Into Non-Human Worlds

Even as a little girl I felt a kinship with the non-human animals surrounding me. There was little doubt my life would somehow include them. When life and marriage took me to Buffalo, NY I found the courage to chase my dream of working with non-human animals. 


I also have always had the privilege of having an analytical mind. Science has always fascinated me, psychology in particular. Why do people do what they do? My eighth-grade English teacher even pointed out this interest when she told my parents at parent-teacher conference that I watched my classmates quietly until I figured them out and then deftly took over class discussions.


Combining my kinship with non-human animals and my educational background I continue to journey into the non-human worlds through the study of Anthrozoology, completing anthrozoological and animal behavior research, and providing animal behavior and training services to pets both in homes and searching for new homes through shelters and rescues


My journey can be described as the combination of a scientific mind, expert hand and a compassionate heart. My journey is but one on this planet. It is in combining my journey with the journeys of non-human animals that results in life-changing encounters. The little girl I remember from so long ago wouldn't have it any other way.

The study of Human-Animal Interactions and the resulting effect on our shared world.

Research focused on the intersection between the human and non-human worlds.

Science-based, effective and humane animal behavior and training

Helping homeless pets find loving homes through training and education.

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