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What Others Have to Say About Miranda

"Adjunct Professor Miranda K Workman's breadth of knowledge is tremendous! She is my 'go to' for anything related to behavior and training." Rita I. B.S., Animal Behavior, Ecology & Conservation '13


"I enjoy discussing with Miranda her innovative ideas for research projects that have been inspired by her vast experiences working with companion animals. It has been a pleasure collaborating with her to bring some of these ideas to fruition." - Dr. Christy Hoffman, Canisius College


"Miranda is an incredible role model, teacher, and friend, who not only pushes her students to success within the classroom but throughout life. Without Miranda, I would never have learned the power of positive reinforcement training, which has not only affected my relationships with non-human animals but with humans as well. Miranda has helped me grow into a strong, confident individual with a sense of purpose and self-worth and for that I am forever grateful. Forever your little protege." Claire T. B.S., Animal Behavior, Ecology & Conservation '14


"My husband and I called Miranda for her help in creating a peaceful household between our two resident cats Bella and Baxter and our new dog Buddy. Buddy was a stray from the SPCA and we knew very little about him. He was very excited around our two cats; sometimes he would chase them, or lunge and he was certainly not polite to them. When we reached out to Miranda she was very knowledgeable about our situation. She met with us at our home and gave us some great advice and some positive reinforcement techniques to use. We stayed in contact with Miranda and showed her weekly videos of their interactions. After about 4 months, we were able to have our fur babies live peacefully, happily and safely in our home. A few months later, we adopted another rescue dog with Miranda's assistance. Humphrey was another rescue who came from a bad situation. Miranda personally nursed him back to health and showed him love and kindness for possibly the first time in his life. We worked with Miranda over a few weeks to help acclimate Humphrey into our home. Her love, kindness and knowledge about our animal companions is soo genuine and deep. We still call her to this day for advice or assistance!! She truly cares and is always willing to help families and their "fur babies". Miranda works harder than anyone I know, and her selflessness is inspiring. She is continually expanding her knowledge of animal behavior and positive reinforcement training. I would not hesitate to recommend Miranda and her services to anyone. We owe her for helping to make our lives complete with Bella, Baxter, Buddy and Humphrey!!" - Jason and Jennifer W. and our fur babies


"Miranda Workman has been a vital resource for our rescue organization Going To The Dogs Rescue of WNY. We feel that it is necessary for rescue and adoption agencies build a positive relationship with experienced trainers in the field who can help us point our adopters in the right direction towards the end goal of life time adoptions and pet retention. Miranda has been able to give us her 1 on 1 undivided attention for dogs in our rescue, as well as provide guidance for those who have adopted and needed assistance with management of behaviors with their dog that was undesirable. Miranda’s experience and expertise are hard to find in the field, so we are happy to have her here in WNY. Her ability to be patient and specific with our dog handlers has been so amazing; we couldn’t be happier with her services and will continue to refer our adopters to her for training assistance." - Melissa H., President, Going To The Dogs Rescue of WNY


"I can honestly say that the Animal Learning class I took with Miranda was one of the most useful classes I've taken in my undergraduate career. Through taking her class not only did I learn the many techniques of working with and training other animals, but more importantly I gained the skills in sensitivity and patience while working with them that turn a knowledgeable trainer into an effective one. These are skills I still apply to my interactions with both people and other animals on a daily basis and that have greatly impacted all facets of my interactions with others." Daniel M. B.S., Animal Behavior Ecology & Conservation and Music Performance '14


"Miranda has taught me everything I know about behavioral modification. She's been my teacher, my mentor, and my boss and has always been incredibly supportive. Any time I have questions or need advice, Miranda has always been there to not only offer her own perspective, but to guide me towards my own conclusions." Dakotah W. B.S. Animal Behavior Ecology & Conservation & Psychology


"Miranda has a way of teaching you about yourself first. That makes comprehending animals and training much easier. I still use what I learned from her in everyday situations and I understand the animals I surround myself with much better. I also don't recall ever being bored in her class!" Amanda B. B.S. Animal Behavior Ecology & Conservation


"Miranda K Workman is the nicest and best teacher I have ever had. I went into her class Animal Learning knowing little about operant and classical conditioning. I came out knowing a lot more then I could have ever expected. Miranda knows her topic and teaches/applies it really well. Why is a teacher who gave me a 68 on all three exams the best teacher ever? Because Miranda really cares about her students. I really enjoyed her class and her as my teacher, so I asked her if I could be her intern to learn more from this amazing person. It was at this Internship where I learned how to use what she taught me and apply it to real situations. The best feeling I ever had was when I saw my project of a 500-pound pig actually learn what I taught it, and perform it right in front of the best teacher on the planet, Miranda. Thanks Miranda for everything you have taught me, and thanks for not giving up on me. I owe my Job at Sea World Pets Rule! to you! Would I recommend Miranda as teacher? You bet, you couldn’t ask for better teacher/person." Christian T. B.S. Animal Behavior Ecology & Conservation '13


"Miranda - I am so pleased we got to be ANZOs together. You have a unique and smart way of looking at nonhumans and humans alike that makes you a force to be reckoned with! I love that you temper your passion with reason but it never dilutes the passion; I think it strengthens it. Besides all this, you are an awesome foster mom! I hope we can collaborate on shelter studies in the future!" Heather S., MS Anthrozoology '13


"When we adopted Barrett, a 110 pound bundle of energy, our veterinarian recommended Miranda, asap.  My goal was to "control him".  Instead, Miranda taught me how to develop a relationship with him, so I could communicate what behaviors I considered to be acceptable.  Through her classes, playgroups and multiple one-on-one  conversations, a process was set in motion, and I learned the basics of canine language, and how to assess Barrett's behavior.  Her thirst for scientific knowledge is infectious, and I found myself reading voraciously, which was encouraged by the availability of videos and books in Miranda's extensive lending library.  Miranda received several phone calls from me and patiently helped me to problem solve successfully.  I never dreamed that Barrett  and I would be able to have so much fun and do so many things together,  but because of what Miranda has taught me our friendship continues to grow every day. Jack, a 7 year old cat recently came into our lives.  We had decided to adopt a cat because we felt that there are too many cats in need of a good home.  We thought that they were basically independent animals who required minimal care and few interactions with humans.  Boy, were we misinformed!   Enter Miranda:  she spent several hours with us as we introduced Jack to Barrett, and quickly educated us about cat basics.  She was also available to answer a multitude of questions which arose as we learned about Jack and his needs.  Of course she also recommendedeel some educational material.  The dog and cat now get along like siblings who grew up together.  We never dreamed how personable, entertaining and interactive a cat can be.  We love Jack so much.  He is now a full-fledged member of our family, and we couldn't be happier." Cathi M.


"It is such a blessing and a joy to see [Smokey & Bandit] back to normal now.  I am so glad I continued on your course before I was forced to cave in-- and most of all, [my husband] gives me ALL the credit for them getting back together. I can't convey how thankful I am for your help and your guidance.  I believe it has been around six weeks or more since this started so if you ever have a cat owner who decides to "give up" in a situation like this, please tell them to be patient, follow your instructions and ABOVE ALL BE CONSISTENT.  I am sure it was a strain on the cats and it DEFINITELY was a strain on us and also a DEFINITE strain on our marriage but I guess it comes down to how much you really love your animals.  For awhile now I will definitely keep my eyes pealed and my ears on full alert where they are concerned.  Miranda, thank you so very, very much.  You certainly got us through a tough time in our life.  Hugs, Sara" Sara K.


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