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Research: Asking Questions, Getting Answers.

Hancock - a Mastiff puppy raised with his 9 littermates in foster care.

Just like the puppy in the picture, I ask a lot of questions about the world. Specifically, I am interested in asking questions about animal behavior. I want to know the answer to questions like "how can you determine which dogs are safe to home with cats?". I also am interested in research that improves our understanding of non-human animals' communications, behavioral neuroscience and psychopharmacology. If the question is "why do they do that?" I want to know the answer!


I also am keenly interested in research about the intersection of the human and non-human worlds. Questions about cross-species interactions, animals in captivity (zoos and aquariums), ecotourism and other anthrozoological topics are important to me. 


Click the button below to find information about research (past and current) that I am conducting. You will also find a section about current relevant research. Additionally, there are lots of wonderful researchers asking some of the same questions I do. I'll share links to their work (past and current) too!


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